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IN 1905–1906 


Pavlova Oksana Sergeevna, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, the department of Russian history and history teaching methodology, Sterlitamak branch of Bashkir State University (49 Lenina avenue, Sterlitamak, Russia), 

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Background. In conditions of revolutionary upsurge in 1905 and 1906 the Russian advanced, the public and representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church the possibility of stabilization of the Russian society seen in the revival of the Orthodox parish and enhance his creative activities. In the article the question of development of discussions on the reform of the Orthodox parish, which were widely developed in the periodical press, in Church, social and government circles in preparation and activities pre-Council Presence. The purpose of this article is to review the main provisions of the reform parish, which were developed by the largest experts in this
field in the period.
Materials and methods. Realization of this goal was achieved through the involvement of the materials of journalism and periodicals of the early twentieth century, and contemporary studies on the problem stated. In the process of achieving the goal were used the comparative-historical and historical-typological research methods.
Results. Analyzed problematic aspects of the discussion of major public and Church leaders about Church reform, their ideas and proposals for the Constitution of the Orthodox parishes and its practical implementation.
Conclusions. The study showed that the steps taken to develop a new Charter of the Orthodox parishes, which got a wide response and a lively discussion, did not bring the expected result. One of the key reasons for this state of Affairs is characterized
in that all proposals for reorganizing the Orthodox parish were closely connected with the solution of the question of Church – state relations. 

Key words

The Russian Orthodox Church, Orthodox parish, the Pre-Council Presence, the clergy, and reform 


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